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Where boredom and excitement collide into a big sticky goob!

Sunday, June 29, 2003


Because there's no DDR tomorrow for me because of my surgery on monday, I decided to drop in at Starbase. Chris Chen was there, and he passed End of the Century for the first time (congrats, chris!). I spent 83% of songs on light. I AAA'd Kick the Can in the arcade with Chris Chen as a witness (go me!). Then I played a heck of a lot of 3-foot song and then B4U Glorious, for about 6 games, in which I wiped the top scoreboard for 1-3 foot songs, and they're all now EFK(for Evil Flat Kiwi, duh) and one is ZT(my first hi score, I didn't know that I got it and started to leave, but then someone's like "woah, high score" and it only gives you 2 times thru to enter and I panicked, so it's ZT). Beat THOSE scores. I also stopped by time out and got 92.5 on nearly 130.

Saturday, June 28, 2003


We sold our house today for hecka mins. We are also garage sailing, so come on down.
Final Fantasy 7 World Mappage!
|-Do- Re Mi|-Ti- -La-|X Do Re Mi| So Fa Do Re| Do X X X|

X=Rest -Note-=Half note

Friday, June 27, 2003

What I am doing as of today.

I am drawing a lot. I am having my sister's friend stay at my house next week. Let's Dancing! is pretty much remaining steady in position 51 on top webcomics. I am over halfway-done with my college class, American Short Stories (don't make an acronym of that). I am going to have my wisdom teeth out on monday. I am hoping to go to the arcade later. My house has almost been sold. I am probably going to move to Toronto. I am not allowed to play DDR on sunday. I just got to Rufus's welcoming ceremony in Final Fantasy 7. I'm tired. I'm hungry. I'm hot(you know I mean temperature). I have more hair than I've had ever. I still don't like big chunks of cooked tomatoes. I do like pie (my mom made cherry). Somebody just said "Pants shopping in the morning!" I am supposed to be a vampire sometime this summer. I AM BORED ALSO!

Monday, June 16, 2003

Home without parents: Day 3

Leaving to start my COM class in about 9 minutes so I thought, "Hey, this would be the perfect time to blog". So here it is. I went to the arcade on saturday and it was fun. I played muchos del DDR (muchos meaning alot, del meaning of, DDR meaning game where you use your feet to step on the arrows when they get to the top of the screen so it registers a score of either Perfect, Great, Good, Miss, or BOO, or sometimes MARVELOUS! Which is better than perfect but you only get MARVELOUS! on nonstop or oni courses, but the object of DDR is to make your opponent fall off the pad by playing DO ME (H.I.G.E.O. Mix) by the Mustache Men 80 times in a row while spinning around at all the appropriate places, making you win the game.) Kazaa is so much better than Limewire it's not funny. In other news, Let's Dancing is doing really well. The only problem is a couple of the comics that were below it are doing even better. So VOTE PLZ! In other other news, I have been composing little jingles using a program called MIDI builder X. Let me outline it for you: Advantages: It exports files in MIDI format, it's free. Disadvantages: It cannot save, it cannot import MIDI files to re-edit, you create the notes by pressing an onscreen keyboard after which you can no longer see what you've written unless you press the "preview" button which makes it so it plays up to where you have written in the MIDI so far. Baggh.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Friday teh 13th: Excitement Galore

I went to the graduation ceremony yesterday, and it was boring. It was really cool though to see everyone graduate. Congrats time!
Congraduations Kristen!
Congraduations James!
Congraduations Jeffrey!
Congraduations 80's!
Congraduations all you other FRESHMEN who graduataed from high school who I know!
By the way, today I got my work permit. That means now I can go work for the guy who is willing to pay me money to play with LEGO. I actually got to drive, and I can tell you, when you drive alone, the temptation to speed is awful. I actually found myself going 26 MPH in a 25 MPH zone. I'm SO bad.
I see that look on your face. Stop it.
I also got a Handspring Visor today from my parents for "graduating" my Junior year and it is AWSOME! I strongly reccomend getting one if you don't have one. You can organize your dates, but more importantly, you can play Lode Runner. My parents are going away to Toronto tomorrow, so if you're going to the arcade, call me up or message me because I will be SO BORED. The problem with blogging for me is that I can never remember all that I wanna say when it comes time to blog. I can just sit here and type and type and type and never actually get anything done. BTW, I saw The Shining. No offense to those who like it, but I thought it sucked. It was scary up until the point that they actually WENT to the hotel, and the main character's wife was scarier than anything else in the movie. 'Kay, I'm done blogging now.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Later that day...

Schooooool's out
Anyways, my EG final went great, it was really easy. I just found out I got a B in my Honors Pre-cal so WOOT, and my Physics final wasn't really hard either. I'm gonna go to the TL graduation later. Kristen, James, Jeffrey, and a bunch of other awsome seniors are graduating, and I'm gonna miss 'em all. I want to go to the arcade a lot this summer, so everybody invite me to go with them. THAT REMINDS ME! All of those who play DDR need to go to Scandia on Wednesday the 11th. My whole youth group is going and are eager to see somebody GOOD at the game, so I don't wanna disappoint them by just showing them ME. EVERYBODY SEE FINDING NEMO. It was awsome. The storyline was "charming" meaning cheesy, but the animation was BEAUTIFUL! I need to get my transcript so I can move to another school and actually graduate. Anyways, not only is it graduation and the last day of school, but it's also DARREN'S BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARREN!
Finals (LAST DAY!)

Today I have my Engineering Graphics and my Physics finals. Yesterday I had my english and orchestra finals. The latter was probably the harder one. I generally don't have much trouble with the orchestra one but this year my teacher gave us an 8-composer 50 point test. But hey, at least he gave us cookies and pop to make up for it. Because I haven't blogged much before, and I have a huge lack of archives, I thought I should introduce myself and my site.
But I won't.

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